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Everywhere Else

by Kindling

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Coma 03:02
Not knowing where, we move around. There's no way out, there's no escape. Gather dust. Light in a fog, abstract, obscure. No clarity from farther back. Wait it out. Waiting to get better, more alone than we think. Clarity won't find us. Wanting change, but stay the same. Wait it out. Hope for something better, don't know how to get there. What we need won't find us. Start again, the pain remains. Gather dust. Not knowing where, it won't find us. We built the cage, we'll break it down. Or wait it out.
Given 02:03
At times when we're alone it haunts us. Sometimes, we close our eyes and pretend. Live with no direction, magnetic pull. Blind, we light up morning. So cyclical. Sometimes, when in a crowd, we withdraw. Asleep, we know the night and nuance. Love with no direction, magnetic poles. Blindly light up morning, so cynical. Tired and maladjusted, gave chase for years. Histories reimagined, lives redefined.
Endless, it comes & goes. Color or black & white. Flashes, a muted blur. Numbing hypnotic wave. It goes on for hours against the current. Tidal waves of pain, washing away a light. Earthless, there's no way out. Waiting - it will subside. Flashes, a calming blur. Numbing, drifting away. All endless hours, with our eyes open. Blinding wave of calm, washing away a light. Endless, it comes & goes. Color, or black & white. Spectral waves of light. Flashes, a numbing blur. This is all we are. Flashes to gray. This is all we are. Midnight.
Black Eye 04:22
Recall the line, "Now we rise & we are everywhere" Try to be strong, can only fake so long, then fall apart. I'll be alright. Just need some time. Got to get out. Can't be too far from everywhere. There's something wrong with me & it starts with you. & Ends there too. I'll look through you. I'll look away. Every year I tell myself this is gonna be my year. Build it up to burn it down. Let it's flame light up our yard. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Said I'm alright. Still need some time.
Weightlessly 03:32
Guts come untied, turned inside out. My mind is a wreck. Slow suffocate. High, alone. Panicking. Close your eyes. High, alone. My eyes are closed, I can't control. My face feels numb, vision distorts. Wanna see light, come out of the dark. If sleep could cure, I'd never wake. Wishing for more, we'll let ourselves down. Deafening roar, quietly pause now. Want to make light out of dark. Want to get out all intact.
Galaxies 02:56
Waiting, satellite eyes closed. Daylight, waiting to come awake. Rainy, the sound of your breath awash. Under low light we are orbiting stars. Hold on, abandoned eyes. A light. Nothing: satellite sky, a wall. Under low light we are starless and bright. The earth so far and air so thin. Our orbit is way out. No gravity, and aimlessly we long to wake up. We: permanent dreamlike. Our eyes will stay shut. Stay put. Wake up.
Empty milltowns, centuries' dust collects. Crumbling brick and chip-sealed roads go. Hearts are beating but our limbs won't move. Vibrant past got up and moved on. Here we stay in abandoned lives. Things will change and things will stay the same. Desolation becomes our home now. Counting seconds, days, and months, years pass. Evading progress, remain hollow. We can move, but we'll still be here. Sometimes sleepwalk through the days, eyes closed. Sometimes don't wake up at all. Stars on maps hold up a past prestige as grey concrete and carless streets sigh. Here we stay in abandoned lives. No way out of these abandoned towns. We can move, but we'll stay right here.
Other Times 01:51
It's in your eyes, a glow. Your heavy breath, exhale. Awake, alight, dreaming. So soft & warm, a home. Unseen, unheard. Unfelt, ignored. The space between oceans widens in time, expands. What was before, what's to come. We lie awake.
Vegvísir 04:13
From up high or below. The view from here, endlessly. Clouds will break, open up, take a breath. We can see for days. Spent our night freezing cold, chasing light hopelessly. What we found in its place: Endless sky, backlit hills in dark. Far from home, my heart skips. Half from love, endlessly, half from fear of what's beyond the sky, laying in wait, unknown. We know the path behind & what's to come, a glacial approach. Look for the light, a step behind magnetic nights. Never saw skies alight with green. Moving on, unsure where from here. Drifts of snow blacking out our view. A leap of faith: No wrong turns with you.
Perennial 01:12
Born too late in the wrong place. Get me out.
Became 04:06
Lose yr mind, go numb inside, follow farther down. Static ease, a soft release, eyes fixed on the sun. We'll go blind, go soft inside. Lose our minds but still alive. Insane eyes, we realize how gone we'll soon become. At nighttime, I can see your breath. The city skies on fire with a thousand lights shining out from a thousand homes. The city skies on fire with a thousand lights. So alone, so in love.


released August 12, 2016

Recorded & Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab
Produced by Stephen Pierce & Justin Pizzoferrato
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Meghan Minior / Static Frame Design


all rights reserved



Kindling Easthampton, Massachusetts

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